An unidentified Autochromist voluptuously studies an equally unidentified young woman in a pink dress with roses, while she is revealing a secret to an imaginary friend in 1915.


AMC 9864

MRS HUSHABYE. Now tell me about him. Are you in love with him?

ELLIE DUNN: Oh no, I’m not so foolish. I don’t fall in love with people. I’m not so silly as you think.

Study of a Young Woman in a Pink Dress with Roses, Autochrome 1915 – AMC 9864

CAPTAIN SHOTOVER: Well, one turns the cheek: the other kisses it. One provides the cash: the other spends it.

ELLIE DUNN: Who will have the best of the bargain, I wonder?

CAPTAIN SHOTOVER: You. These fellows live in an office all day. You will have to put up with him from dinner to breakfast; but you will both be asleep most of that time. All day you will be quit of him; and you will be shopping with his money. If that is too much for you, marry a seafaring man: you will be bothered with him only three weeks in the year, perhaps.

ELLIE DUNN: That would be best of all, I suppose.